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What the players say

"Thank you for prompt delivery of above system. Very impressive." C. W. - UK

"I have got the system and already tried it - only on computer roulette yet. It seems that it really works." L. T. - Israel

"It certainly has a lot of merit." W. B. - Australia

"It is very well written and easy to understand." Steve - UK

"Your system idea is the most intelligent, logic and rational one I found in many years of research and experiments I've done about the 'wheel'. Thank you again." A. M. - Italy

"I liked your idea and basically expanded on it; I won a few hundred dollars." E. R. - USA

"I'm very interested in roulette and your system is the best I know up to now." M. H. - Switzerland

"I have bought your system 2 years ago and I still use it: never went down! I believe that it's the best roulette system on the internet." R. F. - Netherlands

"Hi again Jacob. I've been able to play about 100 times and am up over 400 units. Congratulations on what I regard as a highly original piece of thinking. I'm very glad that I decided you had integrity and tried your method." J. L. - Australia

"Integrity is a hard trait to find in your business, but I believe you have it...." T. D. - USA
Rebuffed, a rethink and then praised - the full story, see T. D.'s whole email on page 2.

"What a great system!!! After playing roulette for almost 10 years now with lot of winnings and lot of losings I have tried a lot of different systems, but yours is really the best. Now I understand that you have put in this system 30 years of gambling experience, every professional gambler should see that after understanding the system that this is the best way to play!"
Ten weeks on....
"I have bought your system about 10 weeks ago and I am enjoying it every day, it is unbelievable what you have put together to beat the roulette at the long run. I am playing every day with your system and after 10 weeks of playing in total of + - 180 sessions I am in profit for about + - 800 units. In my gambling experience of 10 years after playing that much I have never got that good result as with your system, thanks again." R. K. - Nederland

"You had emailed me a few weeks ago after I had asked you some question about your e-book and I decided to take the plunge and buy it since I've spent a week looking at reviews and I do know your amazing at getting back to your customers if they have questions..." S. F. - Canada

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