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Roulette strategies, facts, advice and a system. By Kanzen Jacob Kanzen

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By managing and controlling the two major factors that determine how much you win or lose playing the roulette game, you can generate a controlled rising advantage to be a winner playing roulette and stay ahead of the casino at all times.

Proceed here to the main casino roulette strategy page titled "Winning at Roulette" for facts, advice and tips or go straight to the subject of your immediate interest using the jump links below. The links will follow and appear at the top and bottom of every page throughout this site.

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Kanzen Big tip: Mathematics and gambling don't mix. In mathematics you know exactly what will happen. Gambling is the exact opposite, you never know what will happen, otherwise it wouldn't be gambling. If you try to calculate the possibilities of winning mathematically, it is unlikely that you will get anywhere even if there was no casino advantage - no 0, 00.


Gambling Guide il dado.Gambling guide
Learn how to win - casino games, sports betting, lottery.
Editor Kanzen Jacob Kanzen

Land-based Casino Reviews.Land-based casino reviews
Reviewed and rated 200 casinos in 40 countries
Visited by Kanzen Jacob Kanzen
Graphic courtesy mobile.winner.co.uk

Roulette table layouts.Roulette table layouts
Various roulette table layouts
Including American, European and French versions.

American style roulette wheel with double zero, 0-00..European style roulette wheel with a single zero, 0..

Gambling addiction. Gambling addiction

Gambling help.
Don't let gambling be a problem. If you are not able to walk out of a casino with some money left in your pocket, then you may have a problem. This is a sure sign of gambling addiction and you may need help.

See the "20 Questions" at Gamblers Anonymous addictive gambling info site to assess if you are a compulsive gambler.

Additionally, visit BeGambleAware for information on responsible gambling, how gambling works and how to recognise a problem.

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